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Welcome to the magic of Voga!

So what is Voga? In short, it is a Yoga class designed to open your voice, expand creativity & enhance live performance. This class is designed for artists, singers, yogis, writers, actors, musicians and anyone who wants to strengthen their singing voice or connect more deeply with their creative voice.

We will focus on specific breathing exercises, simple stretching, a Kundalini Yoga set, chanting and meditation.

This Is a unique opportunity!

Connect with your true voice and experience creative freedom!



“The VOGA series was amazing for me. Meredith Blis not only thoroughly focused on all our chakras, from the root through to our aura, but she also provided a wealth of information on the exercises (e.g., how they help improve our voice, presence, creative expressions, and/or overall well-being in life). As a result of taking her class, I learned for the first time how to properly breathe in order to strengthen my voice, and to prevent laryngitis. I appreciated Meredith’s warmth and compassion, allowing me to work through the exercises at my comfort level. I highly praise Meredith and her VOGA series.”

~ EED, Nashville


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